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D8 Co Delta 8 Disposable Review

D8 Co Delta 8 Disposable 2g Blueberry X Haze

D8 Co Delta 8 2 Gram Disposable Review

Written by: Mike B. 

With a strong surge of high-quality products entering the hemp industry on a daily basis, there are many products that have solidified themselves as classic or iconic products in the market. One of these products is the Delta 8 Disposable by D8 Co. In this review, we will be going in-depth into the product from first impressions, potency, quality, and effects. Today, I will be reviewing the Blueberry X Haze disposables as I am more of a Sativa kind of guy.

D8 Co Disposable First Impressions

The first thing to jump out at me about the packaging of this product was the logo. I’ve been consuming hemp for quite some time now, and I remember when this brand was originally called Nekter Farms and grew quickly in popularity for its extremely reasonable price for really high quality. Since their rebranding to D8 Co, they have gotten even more popular for their simplistic yet effective approach to branding as well as focusing on the highest-quality ingredients. 

When I opened the box, I was extremely happy to see that they had chosen a very high-quality device as their vessel for the hemp contents inside. More importantly, the fact that it is 2 grams of Delta-8. I was also happy to see that the device was rechargeable. There have been plenty of times in the past when I had purchased devices with great extract just to have the battery die before it was fully finished. 

Usually, there are slight inconsistencies with batches for products in regards to terpenes fully being blended. You can tell there is a good terpene value when the color of the extract is a slight yellow/orange, which this disposable clearly had. If you see fully transparent liquid, usually that means there is a very low volume of terpenes, no terpenes, or blended with terpenes that keep the liquid relatively clear.

D8 Co Delta 8 Disposable Review First Impressions

Blueberry X Haze Disposable Taste Test

The first puff is always the most exciting. Seeing the light slowly ignite and having your cheeks filled with vapor and this disposable executed having a very nice draw with incredible flavor profiles. My first puff was relatively larger than I should have taken, and it did make me slightly cough, but my first initial thought was: “This disposable hits hard, and it is really delicious.” I usually try only to take a few puffs to give an honest analysis of the product before the D8 fully engulfs my thoughts. 

I noticed that the flavor stayed extremely consistent with every puff, with no leaking and no clogging. What really surprised me was how the flavor captured the essence of the actual fruit and provided small hints of the hemp terpenes used in this specific blend. The flavor was out of this world, and I quickly found out how addicting it could be, so I restrained myself in order to fully write this review before finishing the disposable. 

What made me really happy about this disposable, aside from the flavor, was the fact that D8 Co is still sticking true to its roots and still had the Nekter Farms quality written all over it. Usually, when brands start to grow, get purchased by other brands, or go through a rebrand process, there are times when the quality of the product starts to dip. Luckily, D8 Co hasn’t missed a step and continues to provide an extremely tasty and powerful product.

D8 Co Delta 8 Disposable Effects and Potency

When it comes to the potency of the actual disposable itself, I was quite surprised. For the flavor profiles this product gave, I assumed that it would be much less potent than what I was experiencing. It was surprisingly much stronger than I had anticipated and made me slow down on puffing the vape, regardless of how good it tasted. 

The power of the disposable was significant but not enough to scare away any hemp newcomers as the effects were relatively subtle and slowly began to climb with its intensity. It was relatively easy to gauge how much I needed to puff for the desired effect. My sweet spot was around 4-5 puffs, but keep in mind I have been consuming hemp for years now. So, I think a good sweet spot for a newcomer would be around 1-3 puffs, as this disposable’s contents gradually impose itself over a short time. 

The one thing I have noticed when I consume Delta 8 is that my hunger levels tend to rise pretty quickly. Compared to Delta 9, HHC, THC-O, and other cannabinoids, Delta 8 usually makes me empty my fridge and make myself some pretty big meals while relaxing on the couch. This effect doesn’t happen to everyone, so don’t worry about becoming an uncontrollable cookie-devouring creature. 

My favorite part about the effects is that I was able to function relatively the same as if I hadn’t consumed Delta 8. Although I was in a more giggly mood, I was able to go about my day with a pretty clear head with minimal loose thoughts. It had me pretty focused on whatever I was doing, which was honestly really great. Sometimes with other cannabinoids (especially more powerful ones), I notice I lose focus really easily, and my anxiety levels rise a bit. But this disposable kept me leveled and functioning. 

D8 Co Delta 8 Disposable Ingredients

One of my biggest philosophies when it comes to consuming hemp and any good is to fully understand what goes into the product I am about to consume. Luckily, D8 Co is completely transparent about what goes into their hemp blend. 

The ingredients in this product are:

  • 2000mg Hemp-Derived Delta 8
  • Natural Terpenes
  • Natural Flavors


What’s also great about D8 Co is that they use a full panel lab test when testing batches of their products. These lab results are fully available online on our site as well as D8 Co’s main website. Each box is also equipped with a QR code that you can scan with your phone to view lab results listed on their site. 

D8 Co Delta 8 Disposable Review Ingredients

Final Thoughts

Overall, this D8 disposable is iconic for a reason, and it was on full display from my first puff. The package the box came in was clean, sturdy, and looked very thought out, with also having a QR code ready for you to scan to view the lab results of the product. The device itself was amazing as well. 2 grams filled in a device that is rechargeable, utilizes ceramic heating, and is powered by a strong 350mAH battery. What’s really great about it as well is that the disposable is draw-activated, so not having to worry about this disposable firing off in my pocket by accident was a big plus. The flavor was great, and this is one of the products I recommend trying for both newcomers and hemp veterans alike. My final rating is a 9 out of 10.


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