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Is Delta-8 the same thing as CBD?

A hemp plant contains numerous chemical compounds that act as the building blocks of the plant and among these, CBD is one of the prominent compounds found in the plant. CBD has been widely used worldwide and more and more is touted by aficionados as a wide-spectrum natural remedy exhibiting a wide array of reinvigorating wellness benefits. At the same time, the recently popular compound Delta-8 is making the headlines for similar reasons.

Many CBD-addicts have been closely studying the Delta-8 compound, also derived from hemp plants, and fact-checking it to find out if it provides the desired benefits. Because the Cannabis plant is complex, it’s important to compare Delta-8 with CBD.

Many people think that Delta-8 is the exact same as CBD. However, it’s not. You can find a lot of similarities between these compounds, so make sure to read our entire article to learn more about Delta-8.


Delta-8 is a psychoactive substance that’s derived from a cannabis plant. It is quite similar to THC. There’s a lot of similarity between the chemical structures of 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 8-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8) and both of them are capable of offering a body high. Delta-8, however, produces milder effects, and unlike THC, does not cause one to feel disoriented or hazy.

Delta-8 is usually made from CBD extract in the U.S., where the THC limit is 0.3%. Delta-8 is more potent than THC. The chemical properties of Delta-8 and THC are almost identical so it is difficult to differentiate the differences. Delta-8 is readily available and can be found in every dispensary since the Farm bill 2018.



The cannabis plant has hundreds of Cannabinoids. CBD and Delta-8 can be found in Cannabis. While both CBD and Delta-8 come from the same cannabis plant, their chemical properties are different and they have very different molecular structures.

Delta-8, which is a psychoactive compound, can give you a high similar to THC but less severe. CBD, however, is completely non-intoxicating. It cannot cause you to get high or alter your brain functions. However, there are many similarities between the two.

The CBD and Delta-8 compounds are both metabolized by the C1 receptors within the body. This increases certain functions. C1 receptors are known to interact with Cannabinoids and provide therapeutic effects. These can help improve mood, cognitive abilities, and focus.



The edible nature of CBD and Delta-8 is another similarities between them. Although CBD and Delta-8 can be used in different ways, such as by vaping or dabbing, there is another similarity between the two. Delta-8 is also available in Gummy Bears. These bears contain a specific amount and offer various health benefits.


Both CBD and Delta-8 both come from hemp. This makes them legal in all states that have approved the use of hemp-derived substances under the Farm Bill of 2018. Delta-8 is still a relatively new product in the market and regulators are yet to address questions regarding it. Delta-8 will remain legal in all states that allow CBD.


Chemical Construction

The structure of CBD and Delta-8 is very different. This accounts for the differences in the response of the endocannabinoid glands to CBD or Delta-8. To learn more about the psychoactive effects of Delta-8 and how they might affect the well-being of people, it is necessary to do more research.


Delta-8, the sister-cannabinoid THC, does not cause you to get high. Although it may not impair your judgment or affect your memory, Delta-8 can still give you a temporary uplifting effect.

Breathalyzer Test

One of the main differences between CBD & Delta-8 is that CBD won’t register if you blow into a breathalyzer. However, if you have consumed Delta-8 and are asked if you want to use a breathalyzer machine, the Delta-8 should be visible.

Similar to CBD, urine tests will not detect it. Delta-8, however, can stay in the body up to 6 weeks. Urine tests will also show CBD.


Delta-8 and CBD, which are similar to other cannabinoids in hemp plants can be combined to produce moderate effects. The body will react well to these compounds because they bind with its endocannabinoid system. This will result in more soothing effects.

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