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Cannabinoids have been used as sleeping aids for a very long time. Studies have shown that CBD can calm people down, reduce stress and anxiety. As such, it helps people relax and therefore fall asleep easier.  

What is Delta 8?

One of the quickest emerging cannabinoids is Delta 8, a THC that has chemical structural similarities to Delta 9 derived from cannabis plants. Delta 8 has been shown to interact with human cannabinoid receptors in a rather unique manner. They double bind with the receptor. That promotes calmness and relaxation. As such, it may be able to promote enough calmness to help you adjust your sleep cycle. 

However, as much as cannabinoids are believed to relieve stress and help people relax, nothing is concrete. As of right now, the research on the effects of Delta 8 on sleep is inconclusive. 

The limited research that does exist around cannabis and sleep has, at best, mixed results. Current Psychiatry Reports published a review of several studies regarding the effect that Delta 8 has on sleep. The general takeaway from some of the studies was this: while consuming may help with your sleep in the short term, continued consumption of Delta 8 could lead to dependence and reduce sleep quality. For whatever it’s worth, the same review does show that THC can help decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. 

The thing that Delta 8 has going for it is that it has less of the psychoactive effects of Delta 9, but retains the positive effects of Delta 9. 

Reportedly, light sleepers have found that Delta-8 assists them to stay sleeping. Some users even claimed that it helped them achieve lucid dreaming. For those who are unaware, lucid dreaming is a state in which someone knows they’re dreaming while they’re dreaming during sleep.

The pain-relieving properties could, in theory, help patients sleep faster. This is because Delta 8 would act as a muscle relaxant, releasing the pain and physical stress, leading to relaxation and therefore helping the patient fall asleep. 

How do you use Delta-8 for sleep?

First and foremost, since the research on this cannabinoid is inconclusive, it is best to consult your doctor or physician before you even think of purchasing a Delta 8 product. That is for the safety and preservation of your health.

Although the negative side effects are very rare, and it is nigh impossible to overdose on, you should still consult your doctor so they can recommend you the appropriate medicine. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that any Delta 8 products you get don’t interfere with any pre-existing medication you’re taking.

As aforementioned, Delta 8 is relatively new, and the research on it is limited. However, people have still claimed to have improved sleep after using Delta 8. From what we could gather, these are the tips, tricks, and niche’s you’ll need when it comes to using Delta 8 to successfully improve your sleep:

  • Timing is everything: 

You want to improve your sleep. So, the best time to consume is sometime before you plan on going to sleep so the effects can kick in. Of course, this depends on the method of consumption; if you have a vape, use it before you sleep. If it is something like gummies, take them a couple of hours before you sleep.

  • Method of Consumption: 

There is a bevy of Delta 8 products, all of which could help you fall asleep. However, you need to choose the one that is best for you. If you’re looking for a quick hit of Delta 8, a vape cartridge or disposable is the best method of consumption. However, if you want the sleepiness to kick in a while later, edible gummies are the preferable option. 

  • It’s Not Just Delta 8, It’s How Much: 

Like with other cannabinoids, Delta 8 products come in various concentrations. You need to find the product that has the concentration that works best for you. Preferably, you want to start with the lowest available option and work your way up, so you can find a product that suits you on the lower side of the spectrum. This is to avoid overconsumption and addiction.

  • Combine Delta-8 with other cannabinoids.

THC and CBD, on their own, are very effective cannabinoids. However, combining the two seems to result in the best of both worlds. Mixing CBD with THC results in a mixture that is relaxing without any psychoactive effects, making it the perfect option for someone looking to get help sleeping. 

  • Combine Delta-8 with other natural active ingredients

Not only is Delta 8 effective when mixed with other cannabinoids, but it works great when mixed with natural substances that work to help people sleep. Mixing Delta 8 with substances like melatonin can help people sleep faster.

The important thing to remember is that Delta-8 THC will not work for everyone, and everyone’s body responds differently and may or may not have side effects. That is because each person’s reaction to cannabinoids depends on their own personal ECS response. The ECS system is the receptor in the body that cannabinoids interact with. 

The extent to which research has been conducted on the effects Delta 8 has on sleep is not nearly enough to trust. As such, be sure to consult your doctor before buying and using any sort of Delta 8 product, especially if you have any sleep disorders.


  1. Delta 8 is a cannabinoid similar to Delta 9
  2. Delta 8 is a toned-down version of Delta 9
  3. Delta 8 may help sleep in the short term
  4. Extensive use of Delta 8 may result in poor sleep quality
  5. Delta 8 may help light sleepers have a more deep sleep
  6. Be sure to consult your doctor before using Delta 8 products
  7. Delta 8 may also help people lucid dream
  8. The timing and method of consumption of Delta 8 are important
  9. Mixing Delta 8 with substances like melatonin and CBD can result in an even better, more effective substance

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